Nobody: In Search of Identity

A Video explaining my work from the series of works Seeking for Odysseus.

The series of works Seeking for Odysseus is a completely personal interpretative approach of the Homeric epic to a fruitful dialectic relation, to the extension of the poetic language, to strengths, to resistances and challenges of the archetypal hero- voyager. The simple, integral and abstract description focuses to the core of the narrative material; it also recrystallizes the concepts of wandering and danger beyond the familiar horizons, defines the notions of human determination that transcends the boundaries, and concentrates into the ideas of knowledge and loss, of longing and of the irresistible lust of returning to the ancestral hearth.

Each work provides the key codes that lead to further connections and reductions in deciphering a hidden meaning.

The lying body of Odysseus meets the Titanic, the Greek alphabet the Linear A and B; the excerpts and the words referring to the 24 rhapsodies of Odyssey encounter with the images of the dead and the assassination of the Suitors of Penelope; the daffodil – the flower of the dead in ancient times – meets Gradiva’s figure – the young woman walking in the famous Hellenic bas-relief, which inspired Wilhelm Jensen (Gradiva, A Pompeian Fancy, 1903), Sigmund Freud (Delusion and Dream in Jensen’s Gradiva, 1907) and the surrealists.