“The Lodger” stands for tenant, somebody who rents a room and lives in a house that is not his or hers. Our practice is a framework based on Architecture that “Lodges” in places of interior or graphic design and of visual arts, in our practise we explore through design the interaction between material and image, private and public space, aesthetics and function.

Land lord: Alexandros Maganiotis and Lodger Matina Throumoulopoulou, both architects, both with other parallel activities.

Alexandros is also a visual artist that takes part in exhibitions, while Matina just a received masters degree visual communication and is also a musician.

Members: Alexandros Maganiotis Architect N.T.U.A, M.Arch The Bartlett U.C.L. London

Matina Throumoulopoulou Architect N.T.U.A. M.A. Visual Communication, Vakalo (University of Derby U.K.)

Muse Urban Suites, Monastiraki , Athens  https://museathens.com

Photos by Thomas Gerasopoulos

Be Seen Opticians at Halandri, Athens  https://beseen.store/pages/stores

The program of a new eyewear boutique for Be Seen in Halandri, included the expansion of the shop from one small corner the whole building, a redesign for a total make over of both the interior and exterior space.

The design concept was to create a flow of movement from the street to the interior of the site and leading to the core of the shop. The key element of this idea was the construction of two curved walls, constructed from wooden bricks, built in such a way that eyewear could be displayed in-between the interlocking bricks.

The shop was divided into two areas, one at the front and one at the rear of the shop, so we deicide that there should be two entrances so we could maintain a continuous flow, the till was placed centrally, in between the two zones, in order to serve them both.

The overall aesthetic design follows an industrial style in order to create a neutral but also imposing background for the display of the eyewear. An open ceiling was decided with all the infrastructure visible, and also the concrete slate, the floor was also cement and all the windows have black iron frames.

Photos by Perikles Merakos

All Day Cafe View Bar “Couleur Locale” in Athens https://www.couleurlocaleathens.com

Photos by Valentina Vagena

Artist Apartment in Glyfada